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The Barkers-Woode brand embodies a minimalist aesthetic. Each garment is made up of clean lines and an essence of timelessness. Barkers-Woode is inspired by world history and generations of women. Androgynous artworks play on the mixture of masculinity and femininity. The emphasis of exaggerated seam-lines cling to modern culture. Our true, bare, chic necklines keep us in the realm of ancients. Our abstracted textured prints ultimately immortalize the classic style and feel of a woman. Barkers-Woode has gained international success from her first collection �Incentive� at Ghana Fashion and Design Week (GFDW). The label was recognized by CNN as one of the top 7 Emerging African Designers in 2013. The brand has also captured the attention of blogs and magazines worldwide such as Vogue UK, Vogue Italia, Shedders Africa, Okayafrica, Onobello, and Bella Najia to name a few.



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