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Welcome to A-Côté Collections After a rather eventful sojourn to the United Kingdom, Opoku-Mensah David the founder of Á-Côté Collections came back to Ghana to witness a boom in youth entrepreneurship and sadly to a rising number of unemployed university graduates too. As he was fulfilling his national service obligation and brainstorming with friends and family, it became clear to him that the fashion industry, an area he had great admiration for, was still not fully explored so his choice to venture into. He started with a friend and former partner, a tailor, one sewing machine, a bundle of guts and confidence all laced with a heavy rotation of posts and pictures on social media. Frankly, as he was growing up, his teenage fantasies never went anywhere close to a pair of scissors, fabric and tape measure. It must be a case of serendipity. Having launched as a caftan specialist of some repute in Accra, Ghana Á-Côté Collections quickly became the place to buy some of the very best bespoke caftans for men and women for engagements and traditional weddings. A-Côté Collections from the beginning had a very clear, unswerving, focus on quality, and pay attention to detail so much so to meet customer satisfaction since many were produced on customer specifications for their weddings and engagements taking into consideration their actual sizes when taking measurements and also color theme for their events. This gained quickly a growing brand mantra of ‘Measure twice, Cut once’. Everything produced by A-Côté Collections is made with passion and love. The approach to marketing the brand Á-Côté Collections remains the same as it was from day one … primarily by word of mouth and out of the ordinary marketing. Riding on the back of social media (Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat etc.) has essentially also helped bring us on the global map to further push our products to the world at large. Á-Côté Collections remains one of the only brands to be built into an international designer label without an advertising campaign or having been a part of any fashion shows yet in its own country Ghana but yet has still been given the opportunity to showcase on runways in the UK (Fashionmist) and also showcase at the recent GUBAexpo 2014 & GUBAexpo 2016. Á-Côté Collections chooses to do everything best it can to remain consistent, meet time-lines given, be different and roll in more fun to satisfy customers each and everyday. Á-Côté Collections is one of the fastest life style brands emerging from Africa. The collection has expanded rapidly since its inception. Today A-Côté Collections offers a wide range of collections including: Menswear, Women’s wear, kids wear, Bespoke caftans, Shirts, Suits, pocket squares. Á-Côté has at present one office and workshop in Accra, Ghana but takes orders around the world, get done and delivered via DHL worldwide. • After a few good jobs done, we gained recognition within the Ghanaian community and through numerous recommendations we continually provide services to people in the UK, Europe, USA etc.



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