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Mrs. Fati Issaka (nee Abdallah) was born and bred in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. Fati came from a Polygamous home, and loved all the kids she grew up with and extended this love to the homes of the neighbours. Fati wanted to have a formal education, and by God's own design, a Good Samaritan saw the potential in her and decided to take care of her education. She was among the few northern girls who at the time to enjoy formal education. Through the encouragement of her guardian, who observed her to be a caring person, she was encouraged to pursue the career of her heart - Nursing.

She did her nursing training at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and obtained her state Registered Nursing and Midwifery certificates in 1958 and 1961 respectively and a Diploma Certificate in Nursing Administration at the University of Ghana Legon in 1975. In addition, she completed several programs and obtained several certifications in the UK and the US from well renowned educational institutions such as St. Francis Xavier, Emory, and Harvard Universities. . She rose through the ranks in various capacities in the three Northern Regions and finally retired as Director of Nursing Services in April 1997.

Fati’s interest in caring for unwanted children started with a day-old baby, who was abandoned and later admitted at the Tamale Central Hospital in 1971. The baby was named Fati (after her). She was hospitalized for five months before being transferred to Nyohini Children’s Home, where she later died. Since then, it has been Fati’s desire to help in the care of abandoned or unwanted children whenever possible. Hence the establishment of Anfaani Children's Home in Tamale.

A widow with three children and four grandchildren, Grandma Fati – as she was fondly called - operated the home until 19th April 2008 when she passed away after a short illness with pancreatic cancer, but her left a legacy that will live on.

Mrs. Fati Issaka

The Drive

The three northern Regions of Ghana are generally less endowed with social and health facilities, and the majority of the people are also poor and illiterate. This state of affairs coupled with the fast disintegrating social support system has caused some teenager mothers in the region to abandon their babies...


Anfaani (meaning Blessed) Children’s Home (ACH) is a 1ocal Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which caters for abandoned, orphaned and motherless children between the ages of 0 - 3 years and is located in the Northern region of Ghana, West Africa.



ACH has taken on many other projects in and around the community:

▪ We provide training to teenagers who need information and support in feeding and nurturing their babies
▪ We support the only primary school in the village of Duuyin (a suburb of Tamale where our first baby was from) by providing books and medication
▪ We have also acquired a five acre plot in Duuyin for future expansion of the home.
▪ We have acquired a plot through the generosity of the chief and assemblyman of Kpanvo, a suburb of Tamale, where we plan to establish a library for children and adults in the 4 surrounding communities.









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